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Safeguarding and Privacy Statement for the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Grief and Loss Support Service

When you call or use our online chat facility

Your call or online chat with our Support Worker is confidential. 

However there are some limitations to this, below are more details of what this means.

If you are 11 years old or younger

We are keen to support you, but will need to have a quick chat with a parent or carer before beginning our work together.  They will need to be in the room during our call or online chat.

Calls and online chats are confidential unless we are worried about you or another child, and we would speak to you parent or carer about this.

If you are 12-17 years old

You can tell us as much or as little as you want to. We will always aim for the call or online chat to be confidential.  However, there are some times when this may not be possible.

If you tell us that you or another young person is in a dangerous situation or that you are worried about your or their safety, this might be one of those times we’d need to tell someone.

Our main aim would be to help you.

Things we'd do:

  • ask you questions about your situation and try to find the best way to keep you safe
  • help you to think about the best way to keep yourself safe or get support
  • If you give us your details, get support for you.

It may be that we become very concerned and need to break your confidentiality, either by calling the police or Children’s Social Care, we will always try to tell you if we are planning on doing this, but that may not be possible.

If you are over 18 years old

If we are worried about your safety or that you are being hurt either by your own actions or by someone else, we want to help you to find the best way to keep yourself safe.

We'll do this by listening and by talking to you about what you want to do. Most of the time whatever you tell us will stay between you and us.

However, if we feel that you are unable to make decisions for yourself sometimes we might need to tell someone else what you’ve told us to be able to help you.

For example, this would apply to adults where we are concerned you are not able to make a decision about your own safety because you don’t understand the risks.  Such as, if you cannot remember the situation you are in, or if you lose consciousness whilst you are on the phone to us.

If you share information with us which identifies a child or vulnerable adult who is at risk of harm, after discussion with you, we may contact other relevant services.

It is important to know that you can decide what information you choose to share with us.  Even if you have told us identifying information, it does not mean we will automatically tell someone else.

If we determine that we do need tell someone else these are of some of the things that might happen:

  • Your details may be passed to people who'll be able to get help to you, like the ambulance service.
  • If you're in immediate danger of being hurt by someone else, we may ask the police to come and check, or do something to make sure that you're safe.
  • If you’ve told us that a child is in danger, we may need to get them help. Or if you’ve told us something that makes us concerned for the public, such as the location of an explosive, we will get help. Sometimes the only way of doing this will be to contact you and ask you for more details. It may be the police that help us with this.
  • We might ask Social Care to arrange to speak to you and see how they might be able to help you.

We take your confidentiality very seriously and will only consider speaking to someone else if we are really worried about what you have told us.

Your data

By calling our loss and grief line, the only data we have will be your phone number, and we will only store this electronically for a short period of time. After this it will automatically be erased.

By using our loss and grief online chat group facility, we will have an electronic record of the chat which will be stored and deleted in line with GDPR. Will we not have access to your IP address.

At the end of the call or online chat, your Support Worker is asked to log some details about you. 

The data we collect includes the nature of the call/online chat, if there has been a safeguarding incident or any signposting that the Support Worker does.  Collecting this information helps us to improve our services.